Technical support on your terms

We understand every project is unique and may only require short-term technical assistance, or require support on an “as needed basis”. For example, your organization may need assistance with configuring an existing SharePoint or Project Server implementation, or perhaps you may only need technical guidance on an upcoming project.

Retainer Technical Services provides your organization the flexibility to purchase hours in blocks of 160+ hours. This program is perfect for organizations planning for future projects, or in need of immediate, short-term technical assistance. Blocks of hours are good for up to six months!

Ideal for:

  • Existing and future projects
  • Required intermittent technical services
  • Limited internal resources and capabilities
  • Teaming with our experienced and knowledgeable certified technical staff
  • IT Consulting and Project Management
  • Small Software Development Projects

What can we help you with?

Technical Support includes remote assistance, technical phone support, or remote maintenance. Please contact a representative for details and restrictions.


  • Substantial cost-savings from hiring new employees
  • Immediate business impact
  • Online task management and team collaboration
  • Discretionary use of hours
  • Dependable, experienced and professional technical partner

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