The Stock Bot attendant returns Daily Prices (open, high, low, close) and volumes, for a given stock symbol. We use Alpha Vantage API for rendering market data. However, we may connect Stock Bot to any market data source you have access to.

The Stock Bot may be extended to perform more robust technical analysis. For example, multiple real-time stock time series, foreign exchange (FX), digital & crypto currencies, technical indicators, sectors, predictive analysis.

Enter a stock symbol:
Limit three symbol requests per minute

  • Single: MSFT
  • Multiple: AAPL,GOOG,AMZN


  • Click any menu item to execute adaptive card
  • Type Home or Exit to return to main menu
  • Type Back to return a previous menu
  • For adaptive card properties: once executed, you may scroll up to the active card to change filters and click Visualize to render a new chart.
  • FX Currency Code Lookup

Check back for new Stock Bot features and functionality.

Stock Bot

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