The Logistics Bot service demo enables users to track a package and validate an address, using the UPS Developers API. In addition, Truck Route capabilities are available through Bing Maps Truck Route API.

The Logistics Bot may be extended to integrate with other vendor logistics API's and provide robust logistics analysis, data visualizations and customer support.

Try executing the following steps with this Logistics Bot instance:

  • Type Hello
  • Click Tracking
  • Enter a valid UPS Tracking Number
  • Type reset
  • Click Validate Address and follow prompts


  • Click any menu item to execute adaptive card
  • Type Home or Exit to return to main menu
  • Type Back to return a previous menu
  • Address Validation: 1) Enter Number and Street Name 2) Enter City 3) State 4) Zip

Check back for new features and functionality.

Logistics Bot

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