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Healthcare Analytics - Actionable Intelligence

Healthcare organizations using advanced data analytics are experiencing better performance than peers with less advanced capabilities. As providers take on financial risk for care delivery, the ability to sustain their organization relies on the availability of data to design highly personalized care plans and establish efficient and high-quality provider networks with an endgame of improving quality while reducing costs.

The rise in data is driving more and more health organizations to seek ways they can turn clinical data into "actionable intelligence", via analytics—even predictive analytics, which can enable greater proactivity in healthcare.

Gain Extensive Predictive Insights

Predictive analytics helps your healthcare organization with identifying unforeseen patterns and allows you to develop models which can be used to predict what may occur, whether it’s a clinical outcome, a way to improve organizational efficiency, or finding a better way to manage the complexity of reimbursement and how you get paid. At a high-level, predictive analytics can help your healthcare organization with:

  • Optimizing organizational performance - Use technologies like Azure, Excel, Power BI and SharePoint for insights on how to provide more valuable services that enhance outcomes, reduce readmissions, and control costs.
  • Improving population health management - Use predictive data to develop targeted population health strategies and help reduce health costs at city, provider, and systemic levels.

We use Microsoft's complete data platform of connected technologies — from relational data warehouses to big data stores to end-user productivity tools — so you can power rapid insights from any data, using the tools that health professionals know and love.

Our Healthcare Analytics Solutions help you with...

What can we help you with?

We architect predictive analytics solutions for your organization to uncover unexpected patterns and we develop models that can be used to optimize patient care and anticipate emerging health trends.

Our team of Healthcare Analytics Consultants can help with the design, development and continued maintenance of your healthcare business intelligence and advanced analytics efforts. Offset your workload by having our team of experts help you with:

  • Advanced Analytics Strategy (On-Premise & Cloud)
  • Data Preparation
  • Azure Machine Learning (ML) model design
  • Data manipulation and statistical modeling with R
  • Develop powerful real-time health analytics dashboards and interactive reports
  • Consolidate both structured and unstructured data, ranging from EMR systems to handwritten notes to social media
  • Develop actionable intelligence that healthcare organizations need to improve clinical, operational and financial performance
  • On-Premise & Cloud Data Governance Plan
  • Model deployment, Monitoring and Model Updates
  • Continued Maintenance & Support

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