Vision Analysis Overview

The cognitive services demo on this page provides rendering for both face detection and visual analysis, though the solution may be extended to perform additional analysis for: identity, real-time video analysis, search and face grouping, for example.

Face Detection Details

  • Facial detection
  • Facial feature prediction
  • Attributes: Age, Emotion, Gender, Makeup, Smile, and more
  • Other accessories (e.g., glasses)

Visual Analysis

  • Description of visual content
  • Tagging to identify and label content
  • Detect potential adult content
  • Identify image types and color schemes

Image Navigation

  • Click the glyph < for left and > for right
  • Click on the image to execute the vision analysis
  • Upload your own image for analysis

Check back for new Vision Analysis features and functionality.

Face Detection and Image Analysis

Interested in implementing Visual Analysis within your organization?