Business Intelligence Consulting

What is Business Intelligence?

The ideal business intelligence solution should allow businesses and organizations to extract data from their existing IT systems and analyze that data in a variety of ways in order to...

  • Measure performance
  • identify cost-cutting and growth opportunities
  • and increase agility

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Business insight can help organizations do more in less time, find and manage customers, and simplify IT. When organizations make an investment to improve business insight, they gain the benefits of all four technology drivers.

  • Do More in Less Time: Get more work done with fewer resources (time, people, and finances).
  • Improve Business Insight: Gain insight into your business data to empower employees across your organization to make better, faster decisions.
  • Find and Manage Customers: Find customers more cost-effectively, close deals faster, and gain better insight on customer preferences to improve customer service, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Simplify IT: Stay focused on running the business by simplifying your IT environment, minimizing network disruptions, and keeping your important data highly secure.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack

Combine the power of SQL Server with the built-in capabilities of familiar Microsoft Office tools you already own, to visualize and use your business data like never before.

Breakthrough Insight consists of two parts, the first is user empowerment and broad adoption through office, the second about data management and access to all data types.

Business analytics solutions that provide end-to-end solutions for your business analytics needs.

  • Get more work done with fewer resources (time, people, and finances)
  • Visualization of data whether on premises or in cloud
  • End-User: Search & Analyze, Share & Collaborate and Access on any Device
  • IT Professional: Connect & Integrate, Monitor & Govern and Deploy & Scale

Checkout some of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack suite of tools below!

Our Partner Services

Business Intelligence Planning

Our main objective in providing Business Intelligence Strategy & Roadmap services is to outline best practices for most effective access to data for your Information Workers. This data should contain both breadth and depth of information which would empower operational and analytical decision making.

Our experienced consultants will define a Business Intelligence Roadmap to help:

  • Identify business objectives, challenges and problems
  • Align business intelligence goals with your business strategies.
  • Analyze your existing data systems and processes
  • Conduct Business Infrastructure Capability Map and Assessment
  • Assess Current and Future IT Capabilities
  • Define Business Intelligence Vision
  • Define Methodology and Approach
  • Define Standards and Governance
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure and Roadmap

Bi Roadmap Process Steps

Experienced Business Intelligence Consultants for Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail and more...