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Embrace Big Data across your business

Communications and media companies are increasingly adopting data-driven decision making to help deliver more personalized content and marketing campaigns, and respond more nimbly to opportunities and threats based on sentiment analysis and other factors. Similar trends are shaping the media industry, which is serving up an ever-increasing amount of rich media content and targeted ads to consumers and trying to stay one step ahead of trends in consumer content preferences based on usage and behavior data.

Big data represents a treasure trove of valuable intelligence that can help better understand customer behavior and open the door to more customized services and new revenue streams. Competitive pressures have intensified the urgency to use data-driven insights to:

  • Optimize business operations including better network optimization and performance
  • Drive deeper customer engagement and loyalty
  • Monetize data for new services

As a business leader, you measure the health and success of your business across the key functional areas of the organization—marketing, finance, sales, and HR.

How can Big Data help businesses achieve success across all these areas?

  • Marketing – better understand your subscribers – using customer analytics for example for your marketing campaigns, social/Web site, and customer service experiences
  • Finance – impacting your company’s bottom line – through more informed financial decision making and controls
  • Sales – use analytics to target the most profitable subscribers and improve sales effectiveness
  • HR – use data to understand and monitor employee retention and engagement

Turn Big Data into a Big business advantage in all areas of your business.

What can we help you with?

We help with defining your Big Data & Analytics vision and architecture, with the goal of creating a culture of data driven decision makers corporate-wide. Our team provides advanced analytics expertise to influence strategy and help drive efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Our solutions will help you with:

  • Big Data Analytics & Platform Services - Making sense of large unstructured data, through data mining, text mining, pattern recognition, sentiment analysis.
  • Advanced Predictive Modeling - Predictive modeling, forecasting, text and data mining, design of experiment
  • System Simulation & Forecasting - Conceptual modeling, calibration and validation, scenario & risk analysis.
  • Experimental Design & Scenario Testing - Design of Experiments (DOE), variation detection, design, statistical surveys, natural experiments and quasi-experiments.
  • Community Enablement & Data Science Training - Growth analytics for business decision making, data visualization, business case development, telco expertise.

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