Azure Machine Learning Studio

Systems that learn from experience & provide actionable insights

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning in simplest terms are computing systems that become smarter with experience. What do we mean by experience?

Experience is past data + human input. And that past data is often huge – the quantity of data is doubling about every 18 months and that’s only increasing from here. Computers can consider far more variables than a human making the same decision.

And what do we mean by human input? Human input takes two forms – the input of the user who is either communicating that the output is what they are looking to see or not. In the case that it’s not, the machine can either self-adjust to deliver better results moving forward or the advanced analytic developer or data scientist can make those changes to the model.

Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed service in the cloud. That means your company literally needs an Azure subscription to utilize this – that’s all.

What are some benefits of Azure Machine Learning Studio?

What can we help you with?

We help your organization with developing a strategy and roadmap for deploying Azure ML predictive models in support your strategic objectives. In addition, we work closely with your team to prepare data, develop machine learning algorithm models and deploy to client based devices, applications and dashboards, so they can make better and more profitable decisions.

What are some examples we can help you with?

  • Churn Analysis - to predict which customers may leave and help craft strategies to keep them satisfied
  • Patient Outcomes - recognize patterns to improve accuracy of diagnosis, or patient readmissions; prescriptive analytics to assist with preventive care.
  • Recommendation - engines which can leverage huge volumes of customer data to offer customers suggestions of what they might want next.
  • Fraud Detection - to flag orders or behaviors which are indicative of a scam and help you stay one step ahead of criminals.
  • Financial Performance - grow your business by predicting, evaluating, and responding to market opportunities in real-time.
  • Revenue Cycle Management - predict which claims require early attention to help mitigate denials, and to forecast financial opportunities.

We provide additional industry specific advanced analytics solutions to get you started.

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