Azure Data Factory

Cloud-based Data Integration Services

What is Azure Data Factory?

Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based service for orchestrating data ingestion and transformations into a streamlined, scalable, and highly performant data production pipelines.

With Azure Data Factory, your data engineers will have the power to process more raw data into meaningful data stores and data lakes for increased business insights and better decision making.

Designed for accommodating your simplest hybrid data copy or to support complex hybrid extract-transform-load (ETL), extract-load-transform (ELT), and data integration projects.

Azure Data Factory supports numerous data-driven workflows: from ingesting clinical data to deliver prescriptive analytics in Healthcare, to loading daily securities for predictive model analysis in Financial Services.

What can we help you with?

We deliver complete E2E Azure Data Factory solutions to accomplish your data-driven workflows goals and objectives.

  • Define a Strategy & Roadmap for Azure Data Factory (ADF)
  • Define Data Governance
  • Architecture - Security and Design Patterns
  • Define Flexible Pipeline Orchestrations (Master DF & Pipeline, Worker and Invocation)
  • CI/CD and Publishing
  • Defining Connections (Linked Services and Integration Runtimes
  • Monitoring
  • Azure Functions and Custom Batch Processing
  • Develop Control Flows and Data Transformations
  • Trigger Events
  • ARM Templates
  • Continuous Deployment Plan
  • Maintenance and Continued Support
  • Knowledgebase Transfer and Training

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