Microsoft AI Platform - Congnitive Application Services

Azure AI & Machine Learning

Transform your data into intelligent action

By leveraging Azure Cognitive Services and Microsoft Bot Framework organizations can interact with customers and stakeholders in new ways and infer intent with vision, face, speech, text and sentiment analysis to customize responses and drive appropriate actions.

Microsoft AI & Machine Learning is focused on not just enabling predictive and prescriptive analytics for people to make better decisions but, also enabling our customers to automate the outcomes of those predictions and operationalize into business processes.

Business Analytics & AI Solutions

AI Consulting at a glance

We help you with employing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and processes to drive intelligence throughout your business. Our team of AI developers help by incorporating cognitive understanding and make applications "smarter", by adding intelligence into your applications. Services include:

  • Facial and vision recognition - Seeing and identifying objects, people, and actions
  • Speech and language understanding - Hearing and recognizing language
  • Knowledge - Learning and developing greater understanding over time
  • Emotion and video detection - Perceiving emotions and reactions

We utilize intelligent agents to interact wherever your users are communicating, from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services. Provide tools to get things done in natural and proactive ways:

  • Complete tasks
  • Predict outcomes and make adjustments
  • Monitor and alert automatically

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