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We deliver AI-powered experiences, including bots that naturally interact with users and devices.

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What is a bot?

A bot application enables users to naturally interact via text, graphics, or speech. A Bot application may simply support a corporate FAQ, or something more sophisticated as connecting with people with services in an intelligent way, using artificial intelligence techniques integrated with your existing business services.

How does a bot help my business?

Bot applications help by extending business support services in a cost-effective way, by using interactive intelligence capabilities. For example, you may augment support services teams with interactive bots to provide enhanced customer support. The bot may integrate directly to corporate data, thus servicing customer inquiries faster than traditional methods, while reducing overhead costs. The possibilities are endless!

Bot Examples

We can help create a bot specific to your business requirements.


The Microsoft Health Bot enables patients and healthcare professionals to interact with the chatbot via text or voice in a self-service manner. The bot implements artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to understand the users' intent and provide accurate information. For example, symptom checking.

Health Bot

Financial Services

The Stock Bot returns current stock symbol pricing information, based on ticker input. The bot renders details on daily prices (open, high, low, close) and volumes. We connect directly to Alpha Vantage API to return the structed data. Extended the bot to perform more robust interactive customer experiences.

Stock Bot


The Retail Bot service demo provides interactive customer experience for a fictitious online flower retail store. The bot enables customers with search products, order, set delivery location and other relevant shopping features and support services.

Retail Bot


The Logistics Bot service enables users to track a package, validate an address or query the quickest truck route. The bot is using the UPS Developers API and Bing Truck Route API for servicing the requests. The bot may be extended to provide more robust logistics analysis and support.

Logistics Bot