Cortana Intelligence Suite

Enable Actionable Intelligence

What is Cortana Intelligence Suite?

Cortana Analytics is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite that transforms your data into intelligent action.

Cortana Analytics is focused on not just enabling predictive and prescriptive analytics for people to make better decisions but also enabling customers to automate the outcomes of those predictions and operationalize into business processes.

You can use a wide range of analytics services from Azure Machine Learning to Azure HDInsight to Azure Stream Analytics to analyze the data that are stored in the big data storage.  This means you can create analytics services and models specific to your business need (say real time demand forecasting).

The resultant analytics services and models created by taking these steps can then be surfaced as interactive dashboards and visualizations via Power BI or Reporting Services, for example.

What can we help you with?

We help your organization with defining and implementing a complete and modern Advanced Analytics solution, using Cortana Intelligence Suite comprehensive set of tools. You’ll soon benefit from better outcomes and profitable decision making.

  • Define a Strategy & Roadmap for your big data and advanced analytics environment
  • Transform data to intelligent action and reinvent in business processes
  • Design strategy for Azure HDInsight, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse & Azure Data Lake solution
  • Predictive Analytics - Define models to predict what will happen with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms
  • Prescriptive - Augment and improve your decision-making processes with proactive alerting and recommendations on actions to take
  • Automate - Simplify and automate decision making when dealing with complex problems that involve multiple variables that may change in real time
  • Develop interactive dashboards and visualizations to provide compelling business insights

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