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We are an Azure Managed Data Services Provider. We have extensive experience in developing Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions. With a key focus to understanding our customers’ needs, we successfully deliver robust solutions which are secure, high-performant and render impressive actionable insights — all while helping them make the most of their technology investment.


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Certified Solution Architects

Experienced team of Business Intelligence Architects, Data Scientists and Developers.

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Industry Knowledge

We have a dedicated team of highly experienced IT professionals with diverse range of skill sets, across multiple industries.

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cognitive services

What are Cognitive Services?

Cognitive Services are API’s and services for building intelligent applications. You can implement cognitive features such as face detection and emotion analysis; facial, speech and vision recognition, language understanding and translation. Essentially, we build solutions which can see, hear, speak and understand – All which support the five main pillars – Vision, Speech, Search, Language and Knowledge.

We can help create cognitive solutions for your business requirements. Checkout some of the examples below.

Text Analytics:



Face Detection & Analysis:



Speech Recognition:



Look up a stock price:

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Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Services & Bot Applications

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machine learning consulting

Machine Learning

Automate Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

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self-service bi

Self-Service BI

Empower your organization to glean actionable insights

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Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Consulting

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